Water Quality

Ecosystem Monitoring

Environmental monitoring and soil ecosystem restoration Unprecedented rates of ecosystem change have occured as a result of human activities, with 43% of the Earth’s land surface experiencing some form of human induced degradation. Consequently, there is a critical need to develop tools and techniques to assess and monitor landscape change. In my current research with the USDA-ARS I am examining the application of remote sensing technologies for natural resource monitoring.

Water Quality

Wetland water quality research in the CA Central Valley.

Wetland Soils

Wetland Soil Biogeochemistry

Mitigating nonpoint source pollution in agriculture with constructed and restored wetlands

Nonpoint source pollution (NPSP) from agricultural runoff threatens drinking water quality, aquatic habitats, and a variety of other beneficial uses of water resources. Agricultural runoff often contains a suite of water-quality contaminants, such as …